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  • JW PROJAN is a group of companies

    of the healthcare industry, information technology, construction industry and management in real estate market
  • We provide modern equipment for radiation oncology

    We offer dosimetric systems and radio systems and neurosurgery
  • We build medical reporting systems

    We support managers in the analysis of the hospital
  • We supply systems technical security management

    We offer innovative, technologically advanced systems and building automation
  • We offer a new generation of threat protection

    We improve the performance of applications including monitoring and optimization of communication networks


JW PROJAN wants to be a coherent, modern manage GROUP of highly specialized high - tech companies which aspire to occupy first market position in all areas of its operation.



Coherent and independent GROUP which attracts and manages capital investment. It brings together highly specialized companies which provide innovative products and services of the highest quality. GROUP with modern management methods aimed at the development and motivation. GROUP in which communication between companies and outside them is transparent and open.

Each of the companies of the GROUP - the market leader in the specialized field of its action.

Our knowledge. Your success.

JW PROJAN is a group of IT companies, medical technology and property management. The first of the companies affiliated with GROUP was established over twenty years ago. Companies share not only the common capital, but also innovation in the areas which they deal.

  • Radiotherapy
  • Management
  • Real Estate
  • Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • IT systems



    ul. Wyczółki 71
    02-820 Warsaw

    ph. +48 22 54 89 100
    fax +48 22 54 89 152

    Registration Details

    Tax Identification Number: 951-21-88-922
    REGON: 140 601 981
    National Court Register Number: 0000259888
    incorporated by district court
    for capital city Warsaw,
    XIII Business Department of the
    National Court Register